Our Housing is Suited for All Occasions

Custom Design Built Units: MT Housing, Inc., uses a “patented” design to convert cargo containers into insulated modular units for housing, dormitories and temporary camp facilities. Each modular unit is built and customized to the client’s specifications.

We build camps that can be tailored to your specific location and requirements. Camps’ configurations and finishes range from plush to utilitarian; with kitchens, dining areas, lounges, mine dries, bathrooms, workout facilities/areas, bedrooms, laundries, and office spaces. We offer turnkey self-contained communities.

  • Mining and Logging Camps
  • Construction Camps
  • Construction Offices
  • Jobsite Engineering Units
  • Industrial Plant Facilites 
  • Labs- Field Testing
  • Testing Facilities
  • Field Offices and Brand Offices
  • Farm Workers Camp
  • Dormitory Buildings
  • Office Buildings

  • Urban Housing
  • Shower and Locker Room Facilites
  • Medical Specialty Buildings and Clinics
  • Medical On Campus
  • Rehab and Exercise Buildings
  • Daycare Facilites
  • Church and Fellowship Halls
  • Classrooms
  • Showrooms and Sales Centers
  • Survival Units