Modular Transportable Housing Extreme Portable Living Quarters


MTH-designed work camps are suited to be set up in remote locations anywhere in the world. Our accommodation modules are built to order. Whether you are in Yakima, WA, or Anchorage, AK, we can create the modular units you are looking for, and transport them to you.

All base modules are built to standard ISO dimensions. The portable housing modules will stack high for ease of storage, and move by rail, ocean, truck or air. Onsite, the modules are simple to move by crane, RTCH, forklift or front-end loader. The modules are portable buildings, making it easy to set up work camps, dismantle, move and reestablish in any area.

We build man camps that can be tailored to your specific location, and requirements. Camps' configurations and finishes range from plush to utilitarian, with kitchens, dining areas, lounges, mine dries, bathrooms, workout facilities/areas, bedrooms, laundries, and office spaces. Our accommodation module is created to serve multiple purposes, and we can alter it to fit your needs. Our industrial module can be set up in order to make indoor work as easy and efficient as possible. We can set up field labs so that all work can be done in-camp, and the sleeping accommodation module can be designed to be as comfortable as you require. Unlike a typical man camp, our container housing is created to bring your work camp the amenities of living in a small town, while making assembly as efficient as possible.

When we design accommodation modules to fit together into a work camp, we are able to create container housing that will fit any need you require. We design our portable buildings to withstand the winters of Anchorage, AK, but the same units can have air conditioning added to be able to establish temporary housing in South Dakota over the summer. Having created accommodation modules to work in all types of weather, we are able to work with you to design our modules for needs you may not even realize.

In situations where you need a "town" but none are available, our temporary housing offers turnkey, self-contained communities. From field labs, sleeping accommodation modules, and industrial modules, we make the portable buildings you can use and enjoy. We can design temporary housing to provide temporary shelter after a devastation as well as create a work camp that seems like home. This is why we are called upon to create modular housing from Yakima to Anchorage.

Each modular unit is built custom to your order. If you need singular units, we can provide them. We can create sleeping accommodation modules to serve as your sanctuary, just as easily as we can create stacks of sleeping accommodation modules to serve your work camp.

If you are looking for an industrial module to house manufacturing overflow from a main building, or you simply want a comfortable industrial module to contain your business, we can create what you want based upon your needs. We bring your modular housing from Anchorage AK to South Dakota. Our accommodation modules are a great fit for your needs.

Since we build the units custom to your order, your input is important. Whatever you need our modules to do, we can create accommodations that fit your needs.