A Brief History of MTHousing, Inc.

Working with the State of Washington, directly with Gov. Gary Locke, MTHousing, Inc. was created in 1998 by Steve Forney to create housing for immigrant farm workers. After a visit to Asia where he saw shipping containers in service as temporary emergency housing, then Gov. Gary Locke brought the idea back home to Washington State to address urgent seasonal farmworker housing needs in the community of Mattawa. The project consisted of 40 forty-foot-long steel shipping containers outfitted with plumbing, heating and cooling for farmworker families to live in. Modular Transportable Housing was asked to design, build, and oversee the logistics of the project. After 15 years of service, the units were sold and relocated, and continue to be utilized for farm worker housing.

MTH specializes in facilities that are Modular in design, simple to transport, and secure against both the pressures of time and environment.
Our goal is to make a quality housing design that is virtually indestructible, yet provides all the comforts and features of everyday living. The design is based on a model that can be assembled year-round in a controlled environment, then transported via Road, Rail, Air or Sea to virtually any place on the globe, and be operational within hours or days. Modular units are custom designed and constructed utilizing standard ISO cargo container components and specifications: Units can be stacked and placed on remote sites that have limited space; facilities have been designed to five stories high, allowing more units in a smaller foot print. MTH units are designed to be stacked eight levels high for easy storage when not in use. Modular units are well-suited for use in the harshest environments and can be customized to accommodate site-specific wind and snow load requirements. MTH units have been proven in the extreme climates of the arctic. They can be procured as single modules for limited or single use as well as multi module facilities or larger compound structures.
MTH has continued to be instrumental in providing turnkey housing solutions, providing housing and support facilities including: bedrooms, bathrooms, rec rooms, offices, kitchens, dining rooms, water storage and treatment units.

• 750 bed housing for security personnel during the 2010 Winter Olympic games at Whistler, BC: Three story facility with a commercial kitchen that served 1,500 plates per meal. The facility was delivered, set up within weeks, and operated during the winter games. After the completion of the Olympics, the facility was relocated and operated in North Dakota during the oil boom.

• 40 bed construction support facility for the Barrow, Alaska hospital replacement project. In the village where housing for the influx of tradesmen was nonexistent, MTH worked with the Native Corporation to provide housing near the project that would house the tradesmen for each phase of the construction process.

• 50-100 bed construction facilities for airports, ice roads, civil projects, and vertical construction projects. A good majority of the facilities that MTH develop are for projects that require complete living environments in very remote locations, with little or absolutely no support services, which are moved very often. Many of the facilities that MTH provides are moved as often as every 30 days.

• 150-bedroom executive suites: "the nicest housing on the North Slope". Permanent housing facility for the oilfield executives, built on the tundra using pilings and grid support. These suites are made of several shipping containers connected together to create a plush atmosphere with carpeted rooms, and hallways, soft sconce lighting, en-suite bathrooms in each bedroom, solid cherry wood furnishings, pillow top mattresses, and five star commercial kitchen & commercial laundry.

MTH has the personnel necessary to assist clients with their conceptual ideas and advance those ideas into a functional plan to design the final project. MTH can assist clients with their initial project assessment, all the way through final project completion.
Steve Forney, President and Principal owner of MTHousing, Inc., grew up on a family farm in central Washington. After serving in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War, Steve returned home to take over the family fruit business and packing warehouse. He has been an innovative inventor all of his life, and has been on the cutting edge of industry breakthrough technology. Steve oversees the daily operations of MTH, as well as several other business that have operated for several decades in Yakima, WA.
Stacy Stoltenow, Vice President and Partner owner of MTHousing, Inc. (since 2009), also grew up on a family farm in the Yakima Valley. Stacy has specialized in designing and problem solving throughout his career. Stacy spent several years designing and prototyping automated apple packaging equipment in the Pacific Northwest and Europe, building the first apple packing and storage facility in Poland. Stacy worked for Redhook Ale brewery as Chief Engineer, and for a private architectural /engineering firm. Stacy also spent 30 years as ski coach and instructor, and oversees the family cherry farm with his two sons "as a hobby". Stacy is instrumental in the daily operations as well as the architectural and mechanical designs, and oversees the production at MTH.

MTH from its inception has been providing economical construction of modular units since 1998. Our committed staff are professionally trained, and have the experience to provide quality construction for each and every detail of your project. MTH specializes in design, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and custom equipment installation for modular construction. With this combined experience and insight, MTH can assist clients with all their modular unit requirements.