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Modular Transportable Housing (MTH)

Custom Design Built Units: uses a patented design to convert cargo containers into insulated modular units for housing, dormitories and temporary camp facilities. Each modular unit is built and customized to the client’s specifications.

MTH modular units are constructed utilizing ISO cargo container specifications. This makes them well suited for use in the harshest environments. These modular units can be customized to accommodate site-specific wind and snow load requirements. MTH units have been proven in the extreme climates of the arctic.

Due to modular designs, the units can be stacked and placed on remote sites that have limited space. The shipping container design provides ease for logistical moves by ocean, rail, aircraft and truck transport.

Electrical systems from basic UL/CE approved systems to complete custom industrial systems can be built into the accommodation modules as required for individual client specifications.

Commercial Units: The MTH modular units can be procured as single modules for limited or single use. Multi-module units can be procured and utilized as container housing facilities, man camp facilities or larger compound structures. They can also be stacked for easy storage when not in use.

Pre-fabricated modular unit facilities can be set up in less time than conventional construction.  This makes assembling your work camp efficient, and moving a facility can be done quickly.

Custom Design Build: MTH has the personnel necessary to assist clients with their conceptual ideas and advance those ideas into a functional plan to design the final project. MTH can assist clients with their initial project assessment, developing project budget, all the way though final project completion. We are able to take a vague idea of what you want for your container housing and transform that into a functional temporary housing facility.

From its inception, MTH has been providing construction of modular units since 1998. The staff is expertly trained and specializes in electrical, plumbing, HVAC and custom equipment installation for modular construction. With this combined experience and insight, MTH assist clients with all their modular unit requirements.

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